In 2016, Athy Gymnastics Club launched its recreational awards programme for all gymnasts attending the recreational classes.

The purpose of these awards is to create a goal and provide a pathway for our gymnasts. It is important for our coaches to see the potential in our gymnasts and our awards programme provides a basis for our coaches to teach our gymnasts the appropriate skill set which allows them to progress to competing at a national level for Athy Gymnastics Club.

Our awards programme is split into different grades depending on the gymnasts experience and ability. Grades 1-3 focus on all three disciplines; Acrobatics, Trampolining and Tumbling. Grade 4 and upwards all focus on discipline specific skills, so gymnasts will be provided with an award for Acrobatics, Trampolining and Tumbling. When gymnasts complete each grade they are awarded a special Athy Gymnastics Club wristband which indicates the grade they have passed. 

To get an idea of what each band represents, see below description for grades 1-3.  


Grade 1 teaches gymnasts some of the essential skills required to compete as an excellent gymnast. If gymnasts can correctly execute these skills then it makes it much easier for them to perfect some of the more difficult skills as they progress through the grades.

Some of the skills in Grade 1 include: Straddle sit, Front Support, Tuck Jump & Pike Jump. All of these skills are vital for gymnasts and will ensure their execution is correct moving forward. 


At Grade 2 we start to see gymnasts develop a better understanding of the skills that are required to make up a routine in Acrobatics, Tumbling and Trampolining. These specific skills will focus on gymnasts’ strength, power and conditioning and are designed to challenge our gymnasts. If gymnasts can correctly execute these skills it demonstrates the gymnasts’ understanding of good technique and control. 

Some of the skills in Grade 2 include: Forward Roll to sit, Crab Bridge, Front drop, Backward Jump. All of these skills are vital for gymnasts as they form a basis for them to develop and execute routines for all three disciplines. 


Grade 3 brings gymnasts out of the progressive skills and focuses more on the execution and links between certain skills. These skills will demonstrate the gymnasts ability to correctly perform a skill and potentially progress into another skill. The focus here is on gymnasts’ strength and power, gymnasts will need to demonstrate their control of a skill as well as their neat and tidy execution of the skill. 

Some of the skills in Grade 3 include: Cartwheel, Back Drop, Flic Prep, Routines. All of which equips gymnasts with the requirements to develop a routine for their chosen discipline; Acrobatics, Tumbling and Trampolining. 

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