Term 1

118th/19th SeptYes
225th/25th SeptYes
32nd/3rd OctYes
49th/10th OctYes
516th/17th OctYes
623rd/24th OctYes
30th/31st OctNo
76th/7th NovYes
813th/14th NovYes
920th/21st NovYes
1027th/28th NovYes

Term 2

14th/5th DecYes
211th/12th DecYes
318th/19th DecYes
25th/26th DecNo
1st/2nd JanNo
48th/9th JanYes
515th/16th JanYes
622nd/23rd JanYes
729th/30th JanYes
85th/6th FebYes
912th/13th FebYes
1019th/20th FebYes

Term 3

Dates to follow.

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